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       9. Honduras

The General Chapter of 2007, reminded us of the importance " to widen our horizons for a greater awareness of the universal mission of the whole Congregation. "




 On March 2009, four Sisters arrived in Honduras, in the parish of Ojojona. Father Francis Schiefer (French priest) asked for the presence of a religious community.




When we arrived, we measured the immensity of the task. We took the time to adapt, take root, get used to and integrate into a nation. We multiplied visits and familiarized ourselves with Spanish. Little by little each one commits herself.


After 2 years the community changed physiognomy with the departure of Monique Richard on  July 27th 2010 and the arrival of Lise St Amour on September 2010.


At the beginning of the " mission " in that country, we were present in different areas according to the calls and our " aptitudes "


Esther, works at the hospital where Father Francis is the director. She involves herself in a team of Pastoral Health Care, accompanies young people from the school of faith by a five days retreat at the end of their studies.


Helen, goes through the aldeas (villages) twice a month with a team to " supervise" the children’s catechesis who are preparing for their first communion. With another catechist, she ensures the  catechesis  in  the  parish of Santa  Ana  to first year’s children, as  well as  adults’ catechesis in two communities from villages around.


Rosine, is more involved in the pastoral of youth. With her team, she gives formations to the coordinators of each community and leads retreats for all.

Once a month, she finds again the confirmation candidates, accompanies the delegates for the Word, who belong to the fraternity " San Pablo ".


Lise, the last one to arrive, was named responsible of the " School of Faith ". She accompanies young and adults after their four years studies, ensures the formation of groups who are preparing to receive a sacrament.

She gives courses in English and French for those who need it. She works with Rosine, to prepare the Confirmation future candidates.




The hospital was opened in September 2007 under the name of Hospital St Jean-Marie Vianney. Father Francis is the general director, he shares the task with two doctors, directors for external and internal businesses.


The health personnel counts 70 persons : general and specialist practitioners, a graduate chemist, dentists, an ophthalmologist, a laboratory doctor, a radiologist, nurses, nursing auxiliaries (men and women), cleaning women. Of course, every ill person is welcome, however, priority is given to poor people from the aldeas (villages). Each day, more than fifty persons receive treatments of all kinds. (Sister Esther, sscj)




The OJOJONA parish of Saint John the Baptist is composed of 3 municipalities : OJOJONA, SANTA ANA and SAN BUENAVENTURA. Each municipality has  an important chapel (parish). The Sisters of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, live in Santa Ana and participate in the life of this parish. The majority of Christians belong to the movement “ NEW CATECHUMENAL WAY”. As soon as we arrived, we were invited to participate in their Eucharistic celebration of Saturday evenings. We continue to go because it is the only mass on Saturdays . It is in this parish that Helen gives catechesis to the children every Friday. The parish of OJOJONA is very vast, with 48 communities. Since February 6th we have a Colombian priest in Santa Ana : Father JORGE CASTILLO.  (Sister Hélène Gilberte, sscj)





In 2005, Father Francis Schiefer, missionary and our parish priest, aware of the great difficulty for people to go to the capital for study, takes the initiative of offering religion courses here, at the parochial Centre of Santa Ana, where we live. Professors affiliated to the Catholic University of Tegucigalpa come at the week-ends to give courses on the Bible, ecclesiology, theology, philosophy, psychology and spirituality. Once a month, the students come to this school  and at the end of the fourth year, they get a diploma in pastoral and religious sciences. Since then, about thirty students are graduated and are now committed to their community. This year, more than 80 adults are registered at this Institute.


Since the opening of the school year, last February, I am in charge of that School, it means to assume several tasks, to make sure it goes smoothly : to recruit teachers and welcome students, looking after the premises, checking  the attendance register, updating of the school files, account of school expenses, leading the retreat for the graduates of the year, presence in the library to help the students in their researches, selling didactic material for the parish, presence to the courses for a better help to the students, give lessons in a sporadic way, classify new books and update the catalogue, etc…


I am very happy in this commitment, it allows me to meet people, contribute to their spiritual and human growth and to practice a work in as much I am able to, because I live there. (Sister Lise St-Amour, sscj)


We remain attentive to the needs and calls of these people to whom we try to Belong.







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